The Free Estimate for Interior Painting Projects

When you call Miracles Painting we schedule a convenient time to meet and discuss your project. At that time we will look closely at the interiors of the rooms you want to paint, determine which paint products are right for your individual needs, and discuss options and pricing.

Miracles Painting offers special services for woodwork as well as interior walls and ceilings.

During our visit we’ll examine in detail the condition of surfaces to be painted.

  • We’ll find out what type of paint is on the walls right now.
  • Do the walls need texture repair.
  • Do they need cleaning?
  • Do the trim and doors need cleaning before sanding?
  • Do they need touch up on the caulking and dent and ding repair?
  • Do they need priming before painting?
  • Most baseboards in hard flooring areas require cleaning before sanding.

Our Process

We pride ourselves on the care we give our customers’ homes and possessions as we paint their home.

For Walls and Ceilings

  • We’ll remove and replace window coverings, and remove any electrical cover plates.
  • We will clean and reinstall the electrical cover plates when we’re done.
  • We’ll tape over exposed electrical devices and parts to protect them from the paint.
  • We’ll place plastic over any furnishings and cover the floors and top of the base with drop cloths and masking paper.
  • Before beginning we’ll also fill nail holes and fix serious texture problems we find.
  • We’ll lightly sand walls and apply two coats of your desired finish (usually by brush and roll).
  • Once we’re finished we clean up all the drop cloths and masking paper and vacuum or sweep the floors.


For the best results we spray most trim, with the exception of baseboards.

  • We will remove all the hardware and re-install it at the end of the process.
  • We’ll clean the baseboards in the required areas and the trim where work is needed.
  •  Before painting we’ll spot check for cracked caulking, dents and dings.
  • We’ll cover all the flooring and furnishings and if not painting the walls, we’ll mask the walls to protect them from overspray.
  • We’ll sand all the trim, and prime if needed.
  • Finally we’ll apply two finish coats.

Sometimes our clients ask about brushing the trim.  While brushing the finish on the trim may save a little in mess and masking, we feel the superior look of sprayed finish is well worth the extra cost.