In thirty years of work we’ve seen many special challenges, but most of our customers share a great deal of their needs with many others.  Remember, we are happy to come and give you a free estimate for the project you have in mind.  Our assessment on-site will ultimately become the guide for the scope, size, and methods required for your project.


Why should I buy the weather seal caulking package? 
Heating and cooling costs weather sealing your home makes for lower utility bills in just a few years you will have paid for the service and be saving money.  It also gives bugs and dust fewer places to collect.  It makes your home’s appearance more solid.

Does it matter to seal the bottom edges of siding and trim? 
Most definitely.  All moisture drips to the bottom and if it is not sealed then the moisture wicks up into the exposed edges and destroys the substrate from behind.  Sprinklers hitting the foundation are your home’s enemy.  Think of cardboard and water.  Most siding and trim are composed of glued together particles, similar to cardboard.

Should I wash my house to maintain the paint?  
Yes, please do.  Just like your vehicles paint, dust, and pollen that attach to your home hold moisture that eats at your home’s paint.

Is there a difference in exterior paints?  
Yes, most definitely.  you never want to use cheap paint on your home.  Quality paints and premium quality paints hold their color and repel moisture and dirt far better than budget brands.

What kind of paint do you use?  
For our standard product we use paints that have at least a 15 year warranty.  Premium paints are available as an option.

What about self-priming quality paints?  
They are a great product and available as an option. However, you still need to prime raw wood before finish painting.

What is your warranty?  
Our standard warranty is 3 years for workmanship.

What is Wax Bleed? 
Essentially, if the siding you have on your house has a wax content higher than appropriate for your area then when the temperature changes significantly, especially in hot weather, some of that excess paraffin wax will bleed to the surface.  This will cause your house’s color to become uneven, and is more common, and more noticeable, with darker color siding.  If this happens, you can test for wax bleed by throwing water on your siding.  If it beads up, there is wax present.  If that happens then you need to oil prime the exterior of your home and apply one or more new coat(s) of paint.  Simply painting over it won’t help since the paint will not adhere to the waxy surface well.



Is there a difference between different kinds of interior paints?  
Yes, there are a lot of options to consider when choosing an interior paint. 

For example:

Wall Paints: Health & Environment: There are many levels of low to no volatile organic compound (VOC) paints.  Some paints also have antimicrobial inhibitors.  Also, you need to determine if you need a highly washable, scrubbable, product, or a lower sheen classic look.  Some brands will lose color when scrubbed.

Trim Paints: Trim Paint is made harder than standard wall paints.  It is also designed to flow out smoother.  Both of these qualities lead to a better look and easier to clean scrubbable surface.

Do I need to clean before painting? 
If the surface is dirty.  Yes, for sure.  All trim should at least be lightly sanded before painting and sometimes, depending on the existing paint, a prime coat maybe required.  The same applies for walls and ceilings.