The Free Estimate

When you call Miracles Painting for an exterior painting project we will schedule a convenient time to meet and look at your property and give you a free estimate. At that time we will closely examine the condition of your property and discuss your options and pricing. Some of the items we will go over are: the age of property, the condition of the surfaces you want painted, the kinds of paint appropriate for the project, and options for the siding, trim, stucco, doors, gutters, and shutters. While we’re there we’ll review the caulking, weather stripping around overhead garage doors, and check your siding for wax bleed.
After accepting our proposal, we’ll schedule a time to begin. Depending on the size of your home painting takes from two to four days. One day for the power washing. One or more days to allow the surfaces to thoroughly dry, and one to three days to prepare and paint the exterior.

Preparation Process

  • First, we’ll move all items away from work area, and remove house numbers and shutters.
  • After we power wash the exterior we’ll clean the debris from the sidewalks, patios, and driveways.
  • To ensure that the painting goes smoothly we’ll set any loose nails, re-nail loose boards, caulk all the failed caulking, and spot caulk particularly bad nail holes.
  • Once the surface is dry we’ll scrape, sand, and prime any loose paint or wood. We will also hand sand the door jams and other difficult surfaces before painting.
  • We’ll also hand sand the gutters’ exterior before proceeding to painting. Where needed we will loosen the downspouts to paint behind them and re-set them at the end of the process.
  • If we’re painting entry doors we’ll also remove the weather stripping before painting.
  • After the surfaces to be painted have been properly prepared we will remove the window screens, mask of all windows, thresholds, light fixtures, electric eyes, and other non-paint items, cover concrete and decks to protect them from the painting process.
    We always take our time to properly sand, clean, and mask everywhere before painting.

Home Exteriors
For siding we’ll apply a first coat of finish paint by spray application. Then we’ll apply a second coat by spray application. If we’re painting doors we will properly prepare and paint those separately. Once we have finished we’ll remove all the masking and check for spots that need touch-up. We’ll also re-install any removed items and return your items to their places and clean up the work area.

Decks, Fences, and Doors
For deck and fence staining and painting we’ll power wash the surfaces to the level required for your desired finish. A re-stain typically requires a strip power wash. A re-paint usually requires only a cleaning power wash. We will also reset loose nails and replace broken boards before we begin to spray and backbrush to the desired finish. In sensitive areas we will brush and roll only.
Depending on the condition of the wood, almost all doors can be restored. Restoring a door saves the expense of replacing a door. We hand sand wooden doors, and if required perform chemical stripping to remove old finishes, and allow plenty of time to let them dry. Once they are ready we sand them smooth, apply the stain and once it’s dry we apply at least three coats for exterior clear finishes, sanding between each coat. This process typically takes 3 to 4 days.

Maintaining and Refinishing Exterior Woodwork
Exterior doors, fences, and decks can be maintained over time for a fraction of the cost of restoration or replacement. Simply apply a maintenance coat of finish every year or every other year, to protect and preserve your investment. This will avoid unsightly fading and the large expense of refinishing or replacing the woodwork, particularly for doors.

Miracles Painting also provides wide variety of additional exterior maintenance services including: weather seal caulking, weather stripping replacement, threshold sealing and painting, and cleaning and sealing the bottom edge of the trim and siding.